Top courses of the world: #1 Monaco Golf Club

Published 12/08/2009 10:37:34

Seriously, you have to be crazy or just crazy about golf to pull yourself away from the beaches, casinos and restaurants of Monaco to play golf. Home of the Monaco F1 Grand Prix and the playground to Europe's rich and famous, this small principality has many temptations for the lucky travelers who find themselves in this Mediterranean jewel for reasons other than golf.


So if topless beaches, sipping champagne on mega-yachts or gambling with 007 at 10,000 Euros a hand is not your thing, then yes - it is time to grab your clubs and drive up the mountains behind the principality to play Monaco Golf Club.


Monaco is only about 4 miles square so when they decided to build a course it was placed on top of the mountains behind the principality in France. Due to this the course provides endless views of Italy, France, Monaco and the Mediterranean Sea. It actually has some of the most amazing scenic views I have ever come across on a European course.


Now yes - it is stupid expensive, yes they will treat you like a leper if you are not with a member and please try not to dent any of the Lamborghinis in the parking lot. Remember all this is part of the "charm" when playing golf in Monaco.


This is a very short (walking only) par 71 course at only 5511 yards from the tips. All the defenses lie in the semi-tight fairways, mountainous terrain and constant uneven lies. The sometimes unfair and always unremitting use of out-of-bounds is everywhere. Consider 99.99% of stray shots gone forever.


The greens are small, flat and well manicured but very slow, much like French athletes. The greens are essentially quite easy to putt once you convince yourself to muscle your putter.


Then consider after your round to take the time and relax in the stylish and sheik clubhouse bar. It even made a regular guy like me feel like golf royalty for a moment. You can tête-à-tête it up with the man who invented the word Boorish, the random stinky rich and the over served regulars. It is all part of the unique golf experience one would expect from the Monaco Golf Club.


Article courtesy of IntoTheRough's roving American reporter Rob "Bunker" Bradshaw. May or may not have been dictated to one of his servants whilst floating on a yacht off the Iberian Peninsula.


1.  it's not even really in monaco, but it is a fab course - gets all sorts of fog on cold days tho

comment by kattiw - 21/08/2009 16:46

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