The Short Game Swing

Published 16/04/2010 07:26:24

Regardless of age, gender or skill level, 65-70% of all shots on the golf course are within 100 yards of the flag. This video will help you make the most of your swing for the short game - because every shot counts.


The Tip

In this video Bill Forrest talks you through the short game swing, and how it differs from driving or long irons

  • Most shots are within 100 yards of the flag
  • Golfers focus on learning the full swing instead of the short swing - this is unnatural
  • Learning to control the length of your swing will help you control distance
  • This is done by learning the quarter, half and three-quarter swings
  • Full swing on the backswing means a full swing on the backswing
Make sure to check the video out for full details.


The video

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