Ernie Els shows you the box swing tip

Published 03/04/2010 08:34:23

Ernie Els is a four-time major winner and former world number one with one of the greatest swings in golf. Nicknamed "The Big Easy" for his seemingly effortless swing style, Ernie has a great tip here from the practice range.


Ernie Els Swing Tip

The tip addressed in this video is to do with the general swinging of the golf club. Ernie advocates the following:

  • Think about getting over the ball in an athletic fashion - hips ready
  • Form a triangle with your arms and the club when addressing the ball
  • Move the triangle back until the point at which you must cock your right wrist
  • This cock of the wrist will form a box shape - maintain this box shape all the way through the downswing
  • Don't straighten your arm or lose the box - this keeps you connected and gives a powerful swing
  • Keeping this angle keeps you "in the shot" longer - the ability to generate power and control for longer


Ernie Els video

Hope you enjoyed Ernie's excellent tip - maybe you can bag yourself a major now too. Try our golf videos section for more great video tips, or our golf tips section for more great, totally free, golf lessons.


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