Chipping - Curing Your Shanks and Chunks

Published 30/05/2011 07:47:00

The two main problems with amateurs chipping is a shank and a chunk. In this video we look at how to remove the dreaded shanks and chunks from your play around the green.


The Tip

In this video Bill Forrest talks you through the short game swing, and how it differs from driving or long irons

  • Most amateurs shank or chunk
  • First thing is the towel drill for curing a shank - holding this helps determine club path
  • Then get a 2x4 along the path of the club - hitting this means we're hitting from the inside
  • Now we're onto chunks - where the club hits the ground before the ball
  • Curing this is all about fixing your weight distribution
  • A paint can drill is described
Make sure to check the video out for full details.


The Video

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