A quick lesson on how to grip the club by David Leadbetter

Published 02/04/2010 08:23:20

David Leadbetter is one of the best and most famous golf coaches in the world. He's helped several players get their game on track, including Nick Faldo, Ernie Els and Michelle Wie. Ok we threw Michelle in just for a laugh. When she wins a major, she gets a place next to those two.


The Tip

The tip addressed in this video is to do with the grip of the golf club. David advocates the following:

  • Many golfers grip the club too much in the forearm
  • Try gripping it more with your fingers
  • Tension in the forearms can result in a poor swing
  • Relax your forearms
  • He uses an interlocking grip - just like Tiger and Nicklaus (I was pleased to hear that)
  • Your hands should "clap" together - not be stuck together like they're tied with rope


The video

Hope you enjoyed that tip. Try our golf videos section for more great video tips, or our golf tips section for more great, totally free, golf lessons.


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