Why do I keep topping the ball?

Published 10/07/2008 18:12:35

Topping is when you hit the ball at the wrong angle; the "top" of the ball, usually resulting in it skimming along the ground. This is a common mistake among beginners, try some of these tips to see where you're going wrong:

  • Grip: don't grip the club too tightly and apply the right amount of tension. Try to maintain the same level of grip throughout the swing.
  • Ball position: check your stance relative to the ball. Chance are you're hitting it on the "upswing". Try to imagine the arc of a golf club as it swings through the ball. A good arc will connect in the middle. Try placing the ball in the middle of your stance.
  • Wrists: breaking the wrists early (before impact) could result in topping. Try not to lead your arms too much.
  • Posture: you could be standing too upright at the start of the swing, bend your knees to a comfortable position at set up.
  • Tempo: keep an even tempo, the one that you know works. Rushing a shot often results in topping the ball.

A good practise drill (away from the range) is taking some divots in the ground. If you've taken a divot you know you won't top the ball.


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1.  Most amatuers top the ball because they release the hands way to early and then they stand up to keep from hitting the ground behind the ball, thus the dreaded worm burner.

comment by About Junior Golf - 04/07/2009 15:07

2.  How about keeping your head down and stop trying to see where you hit it too quickly?

comment by Pete dawtrey - 13/03/2017 17:01

3.  Keep your head down.
Do not look up until you see an empty patch of grass
where the ball had been.
Watch the heads of the pros in slo mo on TV.

comment by Dan Serra - 02/05/2017 13:26

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