Why do I keep slicing the ball?

Published 27/07/2008 19:52:55

What is a slice?


A slice is when the ball starts left but rapidly turns right in relation to the target. A slice is a more exaggerated version of a "fade" shot. Both occur when the clubface is "open" (i.e. pointing right of the target) at impact.


What causes a slice?


  • Aim: The clubface may be too open. Check how you are lining up the club at setup.
  • Weak Grip: Check your hand position - if your hands are twisting too far round, the clubface will open. In this instance, try strengthening your grip. For a right handed player, this would be getting too much left hand on the stick.
  • Ball position: Check the ball isn't too far forward in your stance, this would cause your shoulders to open and possibly result in over rotation.
  • Stance: A narrow stance will mean less natural rotation and more work being done by the shoulders. This overcompensation could result in a slice. A comfortable width is just wider than shoulder width.
  • Alignment: You could be aiming too far left of the target - check your feet and shoulders.
  • Posture: Are you stooping over the ball? Try standing a little closer if this is the case.
  • Swing: Don't open the clubface too early and try not to swing "outside to in".


Getting Help


If you've implemented these drills and feel you are set up right, get another set of eyes to help you. A friend watching or even filming your swing could be of great benefit. Your swing could be

  • Too steep
  • Over rotating
  • Tilting your shoulders


The slice is a common problem in higher handicap players, but if you follow the advice given, and most importantly practise, you will iron out the slice and knock shots off your game.

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1.  thanks tell me how to play

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2.  A good tip is to take the shot slowly rather than going to blast the ball so you can concentrate more on the club and the shot. Sometimes it can be due to the feet positioning (put the right foot in front of the left slightly and this may stop it).

comment by fila - 17/01/2013 17:11

3.  @fila thanks for the tip, will try it this weekend

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