What is the correct height to tee the ball?

Published 30/07/2013 13:28:50

When using a driver, a golfer needs to select one that is suited to his/her game. Using golf equipment that is not suited to your golf swing can restrict your playing ability. For more information on choosing the correct golf driver please click here or choosing a set of golf clubs .

There are a few basic setup rules when using a driver that you must follow in order to allow your swing to follow the correct plane thus maximizing your chances of hitting it long and straight.

As shown above when teeing up a ball ready for the driver you are looking to strike the ball on a slight upward swing, therefore you need to tee the ball up so that half the ball is above the top line of the driver.

You can buy specialized tees that make this job a lot easier, however with experience it will come naturally to you.

This is very important and must be adhered too always on the tee.


If your ball is teed to low you run the risk of a shallow angle of attack on the ball and you may hit the ground before it.

Also a common problem of topping the ball can be a result of the ball being teed to low.

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