Using a sand wedge from the rough

Published 14/09/2009 08:17:00

So you need a heavy club that can lift the ball out of the rough. In addition, you have to swing through the grass behind the ball before making contact, which can snag the club and close down the clubface as you make your strike. When that happens, the club is effectively de-lofted, and the ball might not get airborne at all.

In fact, the ball may even be driven further into the grass by this attempt. The ball quite often can move only 3 or 4 inches and land you in worse trouble. If the grass is deep enough, the ball could even become lost.


Open the clubface

In heavy rough, even a sand wedge will tend to snag, closing down the face of the club.

  • Open the blade up just a bit to compensate for this, then play the shot the same way you would in a bunker.
  • Remember to open the face first, then take your grip, so that the club is set correctly in your hands, open by 5 to 10 degrees.
  • Finally, take a nice full swing and try to hit through the ball. 


Even if the club eventually does get snagged and stops, focus on trying to go through the ball - that will usually get the ball out.

Play to a point on the fairway that is not too ambitious. Unless you have to, do not try to hit the ball over more rough, because more often than not you won't be successful.

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