Use a more lofted driver

Published 04/11/2013 07:33:00

There are two types of spin that can be imparted to a golf ball -- backspin and sidespin. When the ball leaves the clubface, these spins compete against each other, and the strongest one wins.

Many amateur players can hit their short irons straight, but slice their drives.

With short irons, the loft of the clubface makes it easy to create backspin, which negates the sidespin and makes the ball go up into the air and relatively straight.

Try 10° to 12°

With the lowest lofted club, the driver, there is a tendency to open the clubface slightly to create loft and get the ball airborne.

This puts a tremendous amount of sidespin on the ball, and since there's not much loft on the driver to begin with, the sidespin takes over and the ball slices to the right.

Try using a driver with more loft. Anything below 10 degrees is probably not enough; 10 to 12 is best for most players.

 Many players think low-lofted drivers create more distance, but this is not true. In most cases, a driver with too little loft just makes the ball slice more, which significantly reduces distance.

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