The basic chip shot

Published 10/07/2008 23:29:51


The chip is a close relative of the putt, only the first part of the flight is in the air, the rest should run towards the flag. Players often chip when they have lost confidence in their pitching ability, but a good chip is just as useful in the right hands.


Normally a chip would be played just a few yards from the putting surface, the idea being that the flight will carry the ball onto the green and the rest will roll it towards the pin.


This shot can be played with literally any club in the bag, though anything straighter than a 4 iron is a rarity. Usually a 5 or 7 iron is used, depending on the amount of flight needed and the distance from the hole. Try not to vary the club you use too much and you will become accustomed to the feel of a certain iron, meaning you will be more able to judge the flight and roll of the ball. This is very much a feel shot.


 In terms of playing the shot, you should think of a putting action; very little use of the wrists is required, the pace in your shot comes from the swing through of your arms and shoulders, not your wrists.


How far you should take the club back is really determined by the distance of the shot, be decisive in your stroke and you will gain consistency. This is a shot where you must trust your feel, gained through studious practise and good judgement.

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