Stop topping the golf ball

Published 28/08/2009 16:05:41

A topped golf shot is one that runs a short distance and doesn't get any height. This generally results from the point of impact being too high and striking the top of the ball.


What causes the top shot?


  • If your wrists are breaking before impact it could be ball position. 
  • You could be set up too far from the golf ball
  • Your weight transference through the shot could be poor


Fixing the top shot


  • Keep the ball in the middle of your stance at address so you strike the ball when the club is at the bottom of its swing arc.
  • Ensure your chin is directly over your hands at address
  • Try to catch the ball on the upswing or more evenly. A topped shot means your swinging in the wrong place, try moving the golf ball in your stance too.

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