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bump and run shot

HOW TO: the bump and run shot

More shots are lost in a poor short game than anywhere else on the golf course. People practise their drives and long irons at the range but really a good short game is even more important.

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vardon grip overlapping grip baseball grip

How to grip the golf club

Grip is an important fundamental of the golf swing. There are three common grip types. We go through each one and help decide which one is for you.

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ball in rough

The Ultimate Rough Recovery Guide

The ultimate guide to playing out of the rough - long, short, fairway or greenside.

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golf ball trajectories backspin

How do I put backspin on a golf ball?

Follow these tips to get your shots to spin more and land softer

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nine flight paths of a golf ball

The 9 Strikes: Fix Your Golf Swing

Finding out the case of a fault in your swing is much easier if you develop an understanding of how the clubface strikes the ball. If you spray the ball to all points of the compass, don't simply curse your luck and move on. Ask yourself why your shots fly off target.

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Charge or die putting

To achieve a consistent putting game on sloping greens, it is important to know when to attack and when to defend. A firmly struck, aggressive putt aimed at the back of the hole is called a charge. For a die putt you need a more calculating, cautious approach - the aim being to roll the ball gently up to the hole so it just topples into the cup.

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golf ball position

Building a good golf stance

A good stance is vitally important for a solid and consistent swing. Think of it as the foundation that your golf shots are built on. If your foundations are weak, chances are your shot will be too.

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golf short game shots

Short game tips

Aside from putting, the short game is perhaps the most important part of a good scoring round, especially for higher handicap players. If you can't land a 200-yard 5-iron on the green consistently, you'll be digging the wedges out time and again. So it's vitally important you work on your short game. Follow our tips to lower your scores and be a demon around the greens.

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Stop topping the golf ball

A topped golf shot is one that runs a short distance and doesn't get any height. This generally results from the point of impact being too high and striking the top of the ball.

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lofted golf shot

Get more loft on your shots

We all love to see the professionals like Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods hit fabulous-looking lofted shots from around the green and further out. They travel high and land with extra spin. So how do you get the ball up in the air so quickly?

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deep rough

Using a sand wedge from the rough

The sand wege is particularly useful from thick rough because it has a heavy soleplate which helps you swing through grass, weeds, brambles and whatever else is around the ball. A golf ball can be stopped dead in the rough, and that won't be pretty.

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Putting in a stiff breeze

A stiff cross-wind can blow a slowly turning putt off-line by several inches. Follow these tips when putting in the wind.

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driving range

Practice makes permanent, not perfect

Every coach or teaching guide in the world will tell you you have to put the hours in on the driving range before you can pull off good shots on the course and get a low handicap. But when is practice good practice and when is it making bad habits permanent?

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Playing a wood from the bunker

It's frustrating when your ball lands in a fairway bunker, especially if you've notched up a good score. But be positive - all is not lost, with this guide you'll learn how to gain confidence playin from a fairway bunker for maximum distance.

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jack nicklaus swing

Swing Triggers

Swing triggers are the unique movements a player does before starting the golf swing. Read more on your own swing trigger here.

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hit a driver off the fairway

Playing a driver off the fairway

The driver off the fairway is an extremely effective weapon when used in the correct way. But it should only be played when you can gain a definitive advantage.

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sunken green

Raised and sunken greens

Many golfers are baffled by why they can't hit the ball close to the flag on elevated or sunken greens. Even though their striking and direction may be good, the result can be disappointing because of poor club selection.

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choke down for control

Choke down for control

The best and safest way to keep the ball under control - especially in a wind - is to grip down the club a little and use a shorter swing than normal.Choking down naturally shortens the swing arc - you stand closer to the ball so you feel compact which leads to greater confidence.

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golf in the rain

Playing in the rain

Few golfers relish the prospect of playing in the rain. Wet weather affects the playing conditions of the course, and may lower morale - there's nothing more miserable than struggling through a round feeling the damp seep through clothes and shoes.

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tiger woods practice

Practice Routines

The best time to increase the time you devote to practice is when you're playing well. Do so when you're in a bad spell, and the likelihood is that you'll ingrain a swing fault even more deeply. Conversely, extra practice when you are playing well will build pluses into your muscle memory.

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steep slope putting

Steep slope putting

Judging pace is critical if you are to avoid three putting on steeply sloping green. But a fine judgement of speed must be linked with good reading of the line. The pace determines the line. You must first gauge the weight of the putt, then concentrate on the line and balance the two considerations.

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six foot putt

Hole more six footers

Putts of around six feet can prove problematic, especially if your confidence is gone. Follow these tips to make sure you always hole out with confidence.

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where to place golf ball in stance

Building the perfect stance

The following simple routines are used regularly by some of the best players in the world to check the key fundamentals of ball position and alignment. They can also help you to improve your accuracy on the practice range and the course.

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