Drive the ball further

Published 11/07/2008 18:23:21

The driver is one of the most difficult clubs to hit, because of its length and lower loft. With these tips you should be able to hit more consistently with the big stick:

  • Grip: grip the club fairly lightly. A tight grip will mean tension in the arms and ruin the balance of the swing. Power or club head speed isn't generated through.
  • Setup: look at your target and visualise what kind of shot you're going to do. How can you hit a good shot if you don't even aim? Remember in your practise drills to always pick a target.
  • Ball placement: the ball should be inline with your left heel. When teeing up, show a about half of the ball above the driver head.
  • Takeaway: keep the club head low to the ground as you coil backwards, this gives the maximum arc
  • Backswing: don't overswing. With the driver, the club should end up parallel with your shoulders at the top of the swing.
  • Tempo: although you may see some of golf's natural big hitters with fast swings, they always have a good tempo and are not too fast. Try to keep the same rhythm you have with your other clubs, building up confidence with each practise stroke. Once you've built up your confidence, you can build up your speed and let rip.
  • Follow through: aim for a full follow through and point your body at the target as you do.

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Good luck and happy driving!


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