Short Game Tips: Lob it Close

Published 19/08/2013 07:00:00

The key to playing the short, high wedge shot lies in your setup. How you align your feet and aim the clubface at address help determine how high and how far the ball will fly. The correct setup promotes a firm swing that creates a combination of backspin and sidespin that stops the ball dead on the green. Let me take you through the process.

Aim feet left, clubface right

Open your stance and your clubface so a line drawn across your toes and another extending straight from the clubface form a "V." The target line bisects the "V," because the backspin created by the wedge's high loft offsets the sidespin produced by the open face. The wider the "V," the higher and shorter the ball will fly.

Swing club left and ball will go straight

club will do the rest swing your toe along the line On the downswing, the clubhead travels along your toe line. The feeling is that the clubhead is cutting across the ball on an outside-to-in path, but in reality you're swinging parallel to your body .

Grip down on the club for more control and make nearly a full swing. Keep your wrists firm and your hands just ahead of the ball through impact. Accelerate the clubhead and hit down on the ball slightly to give it bite. To reduce wristiness and prevent deceleration, feel as though your right hand is gaining speed through impact (right, above).

The setup and swing for the short, high lob from grass is similar to the explosion shot from sand. By swinging left and keeping the clubface open to the right, at impact the clubface is going to cut across the ball. This imparts the spin that stops the ball close to the hole.

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