Stop being afraid of your Long Irons

Published 10/07/2008 23:22:52

Thanks to the relatively modern development of more lofted or hybrid woods, many golfers choose to avoid playing longer irons. Most amateur players steer clear of a 1 or 2 iron in favour of a 5 wood or even a hybrid club. This doesn't mean long irons are useless, far from it - they are still important for a complete game


Long irons travel at a lower trajectory than fairway woods and this means they are useful in windy conditions or perhaps when an obstacle (such as a tree) is in the way. However they do require a lot of precision and confidence in the shot.

Try these tips to improve your long iron play:

  • Balance is important - concentrate on getting the club sqaure to the ball at impact
  • Take a bit longer to set up than your normally would - don't rush into the shot, try to visualise the shot you want to hit.
  • A long iron will naturally have a longer shaft than a 4 or 5 iron, so stand slightly further back from the ball.
  • Put the ball forward in your stance a tad - this should enable you to hit it on the upswing.
  • Hands should be a little behind the ball in your takeaway.
  • Don't overswing at the back - you'll get plenty of power from the clubhead speed. Swinging too far back could upset your natural rhythm.
  • Swing smoothly through the ball, driving with your knees and hips
  • Try to leave a long, thin divot in front of the ball.
  • Follow through should leave your chest pointing to the target.

As will all of the more technical golf shots, practise is essential. Don't play this shot unless you're confident in your ability and have hit a good few balls at the driving range.


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