Keeping your drives consistent

Published 23/08/2009 19:41:00

The driver can be the most difficult club in the bag to keep consistent. Why is this? Well, it's the longest for one - making it more difficult to control. Also it's the lowest lofted club, meaning less air time and more difficult to control.

With our tips in mind, your drives should stay true:

  • Ball position
    The ball should be in line with the heel of your left foot. This is so you hit the ball on the up, giving you more loft.
  • Don't try too hard
    Trying to swing too fast will often result in a rushed swing that lacks accuracy. Take it easy and build up power slowly over time. Eventually muscle memory will take over and you'll know how far you can push your swing.
  • Don't copy John Daly
    John Daly was one of the biggest hitters in his day and made long driving fashionable. However you may have noticed his ridiculously long backswing - don't copy this unless you can handle it. John can and it works for him, try it in the range if you must but there's a reason most guys don't swing past parallel.
  • Pick a spot every time
    Don't just aim for "straight". Pick a spot on the fairway or green and aim for it. It doesn't have to be a blade of a grass - imagine a five or ten foot zone that you want the ball to land in. Then you can gauge your progress and accuracy.
  • Tee it right
    You may have heard the phrase "tee it high, let it fly" and sometimes this can be true. But practice at the range with tee height for your big stick - too high may result in looping shots and too low could end up with scuffed runners. Don't take all the loft off the club.
  • Line the ball up inside your left heel
    Set up with a wider stance than usual and line the golf ball in line with your left heel. This will allow a full swing and maximum clubhead speed.
  • Get a driver that fits
    Drivers are like putters - they're unique and finding the right one can take time. If your driver is too long you will struggle. Equally if it's too short you could be missing out on yardage. Don't be afraid to try every single driver within your price range.

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