HOW TO: delicate chip around the green

Published 10/07/2008 17:52:30


When play a delicate chip to the green out of lush grass, player "stubs" the ball forward a few feet because of fear of hitting it too hard and overshooting the green.


You must accelerate through the shot and not "quit" on the downswing otherwise you'll fluff the ball.

To get the ball up in the air, play with soft hands and practise this shot regularly at your local driving range. This is a shot that comes down to feel and tempo, the more you practise, the more natural it will become.

Try to control the length of your backswing, focussing on consistency and repetition. You would then adjust the length as necessary for the distance of the shot. A good drill to help you accelerate through impact is try to finish the swing with your belly button aiming at the target.


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