How to play a standard bunker shot

Published 10/07/2008 18:27:41

Bunker shots in and around the green can be tricky for newbie golfers; it's a shot you must hit heavy and hard without fear. To get the ball out of the sand you need to hit through the ball, possibly taking a little sand with it. The further plugged your ball is, the more sand you would take.

Here are some bitesize tips to overcoming your bunker fear:

  • Don't get cute: use a sand wedge.
  • Put the ball forward in your stance.
  • Open your body a little to the left of the target (11 o'clock in picture)
  • Open your clubface a little to the right of the target (1 o'clock in picture) - the two should balance out. This will help get loft on the ball
  • Dig your feet into the sand to get a good footing
  • Swing through your shoulders and keep your weight on your left hand side
  • Make sure you take a full swing and a full follow through - don't choke 
  • Grip down the club shaft a little for shorter green side shot

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