How to hit a punch shot

Published 13/08/2008 22:10:31

The punch shot is characterised by its low trajectory and thus lower spin. It's also one of the few times in golf where you should do a clipped backswing. This could come in handy if your swing arc is blocked in some way - perhaps by a branch or bushes behind.


Because a punch shot is lower, it's less affected by the wind and good to play in blustery conditions. If you have a strong crosswind, a lower shot won't be swept away as much as a high wedge shot.


A punch shot could also be useful if you're impaired by an obstacle such as trees. Simply trying to blast the ball may bounce it off a branch. A punch shouldn't get so high and will avoid the tree altogether.


How to play a punch shot


Follow these tips to hit a perfect punch shot:

  • The ball should be further back in your stance
  • Place slightly more weight on your front foot
  • Choke down on the club to gain more control
  • Your swing should be shorter with less wrist break
  • Club selection is vital - anything above a 7 iron or thereabouts simply has too much loft and will climb too high in the air. 

For an example of the correct club to play, if you feel your a sand wedge distance away, use an 8 iron. This wall vary a lot depending on the obstacle in question or the distance from the hole.




The punch shot is quite different to your usual shot, so it follows that you should experiment and put in a lot of practise.

  • Test out how shifting the angles gives a higher or lower trajectory
  • Get confident on the range before you hit on the course
  • Hitting into the wind means you'll need at least one more club, maybe 2-3.
  • How is your lie? A punch in rough or long grass is hard to control and you may have to consider is it worth it.


Have fun and happy punching!

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1.  Great punch shot tips - still can't hit one though

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