How to hit a fade shot

Published 12/08/2008 22:56:25

A fade shot is when the ball is struck left of the traget, but travels right during flight. The most likely use for a fade shot is when there is an obstacle, like a large tree, between you and the target.

The fade is an advanced, controlled shot - unlike the slice, a poor hit that also moves the ball from left to right during flight. It applies sidespin to the ball by coming in right to left of a normal swing arc.


Tips for a golf fade


  1. Grip and posture should be as normal
  2. Align slightly left of the target.
  3. Keep your clubface square.
  4. Slightly open your hips and shoulders by turning them left.
  5. Swing normally - it should naturally follow an out-to-in path: the clubhead travels from right to left across the standard swing path. 


Normal Set-Up


In a normal set-up, your feet, hips and shoulders are parallel to the imaginary ball-to-target line. During normal takeaway and backswing, the club travels on a straight path inside and parallel to the ball-to-target line. Throughout the swing, the club remains inside this line.

Fade Set-Up

Move your left foot about 6 inches away from square. This aligns you left of target. Keep the clubface square to the ball-to-target line, even if this imaginary line passes through the obstacle. Although you swing normally, adjustments at address produces an out-to-in swing path, which gives sidespin.


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