How to fix your push shot

Published 15/08/2008 09:47:55

A push shot goes directly right of the target and continues to go straight along that line. Unlike a slice, it is not caused by the spin on the ball but more usually the position of the clubface at impact.


Why do I push the ball?

Follow this checklist of reasons you could be pushing the golf ball:

  • Swing path: the most common reason for a push is the swing path of the club. An in-to-out swing path can be caused by throwing your arms ahead of your shoulders, or having your hips ahead of the impact area. All of this means you will slide into the ball rather than make a proper hip turn through the shot.
  • Ball position: the ball could be too far back in your stance, this would cause you to "block" the shot and not hit it at the key point in the swing arc. Try moving it further forward in your stance if you feel this is the case.
  • Stance: your stance could be too wide resulting in a restricted weight transference on the down swing.
  • Alignment: the push shot goes directly right; are your feet, hips or shoulders aiming too far right?
  • Posture: you could be sitting too far back on your heels. Attempt to move your weight forward a little if you feel this is a problem.

How to fix the push shot


The push shot is fairly easy to fix following the tips above. From my time in the driving range I have noted that for most amateurs it is simply a problem of alignment. A tip I picked up from the bbc is to go to the rightmost bay in the range and aim left - you will find it hard to pull the shot then.

If however, you feel your pull shot is something more deep rooted in your swing, go back to basics. Where is your clubface at impact? What about the position of your arms? Try a clipped backswing with a 7 or 8 iron at a medium tempo - many players rush a shot and throw their hands out front in an attempt to get distance.

If this still doesn't work, try looking at your backswing - are you pulling the club too far to the right? If you do, you will struggle to get the club back on line on the downswing and have an in-to-out path that we mentioned earlier.

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1.  narrowed my stance, aimed left, even closed the clubface, still pushed ONLY when using the driver. HELP!!!!!

comment by allen blank - 13/04/2009 00:19

2.  Sounds like you are taking it back on the inside to much due to the longer shaft of the driver. try to swing along the line for the first 18 inches and then try to swing on plane. If you start pulling or slicing you've over done it!!

comment by Steve.D - 17/04/2009 02:25

3.  narrowed my stance, aimed left, even closed the clubface, still pushed ONLY when using the driver. HELP!!!!!

comment by nfl hats - 10/01/2011 04:01

4.  Try darts instead ;-)

comment by Raymond - 26/05/2014 12:36

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