Get more loft on your shots

Published 21/08/2009 16:22:47

We all love to see the professionals like Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods hit fabulous-looking lofted shots from around the green and further out. They travel high and land with extra spin. So how do you get the ball up in the air so quickly?


  • Move the ball further forward in your stance
    Move the ball closer to your left hell like you would with a drive. This will let the club swing on a bigger arc and hit with more loft
  • Don't scoop the ball
    Don't try and "scoop" the ball up - instead let the loft of the club do the work and strike it firm and true.
  • Hit it square
    Hitting the ball thin will result in lower shots
  • Use the right club
    Clubs with more loft will throw the ball higher in the air
  • Are your shafts too stiff?
    Stiff golf club shafts will result in a hard and choppy swing.
  • Tee it high - watch it fly
    For longer clubs like your driver, tee placement makes a big difference in the flight of the ball
  • Shift some weight to your front foot
    This will promote a steeper backswing and thus more loft

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