How do I hit a flop shot?

Published 10/07/2008 23:16:47

What is a flop shot?

The flop shot is a high lob, hit with one of your most lofted clubs. A well executed flop shot will:

  • Go a lot higher in the air than normal
  • Have a lot more spin than normal

Popularised by 2004 green jacket winner Phil Mickelson, the flop is a great looking shot but can go horribly wrong in the hands of a beginner.

When should I hit a flop shot?

You would use the flop in a few situations:

  • There is a hazard, such as a bunker, between you and the green.
  • You have very little green to play with.
  • You feel extremely confident in your ability to use this shot and get it close to the pin. 


How do I hit a flop shot?

Follow these tips to hit the perfect flop shot:

  1. Open your body by aiming it left of the target.
  2. Open your clubface by aiming it right of the target - this gives it extra loft and thus backspin.
  3. Play the ball roughly in the middle of your stance, depending on how much height you need.
  4. Your swing should be in a pronounced vertical motion as if to "chop" down on the ball.
  5. Swing harder than normal - a lot harder. This digs the ball out and sends it sailing into the air
  6. Revel in the admiration of any lucky spectators

Where did I go wrong?

The biggest pitfall in a flop shot is thinning the ball, and sending it bounding forward helplessly past the hole, that baby doesn't want to stop. You probably didn't hit it hard enough.

Practise is key, don't attempt this shot unless you're confident of making it - you could end up looking very silly indeed.

Follow our tips and you'll be flopping like Phil in no time!





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