HOW TO: the bump and run shot

Published 02/08/2008 21:01:32

More shots are lost in a poor short game than anywhere else on the golf course. People practise their drives and long irons at the range but really a good short game is even more important. However it's easy to lose confidence in your short game after a few bad shots - we've all thinned a ball through the back of the green or duffed it agonisingly short. This is where the bump and run shot comes in.


What is the bump and run shot?


A bump and run shot closely resembles a putting stroke, but is usually played with a mid to short iron. They key is the ball has a low trajectory and runs along the ground and onto the green - just like a putt.


What club should I use?


This will vary depending on the distance. My advice is to find a club you are comfortable with and vary the length of your backswing. The bump and run shot is easier than a pitch for beginners but it still requires a lot of practise. You can use anything from a 4 iron right up to a pitching wedge for this - any club will do but you want a lot of roll.


How do I play a bump and run shot?


  • Approach the shot like a putt
  • Keep your feet close together
  • Choke down on the club shaft for more control
  • Position the ball back slightly in your stance
  • Shift your weight onto your front foot
  • Keep your hands ahead of the ball

The key is to approach the shot like a putt and not like a pitch. A pitch goes up in the air with a lot of spin - we don't want that.




Consistency is absolutely key with this shot. You simply must practise to get a feel of how hard to hit the ball and the length of your backswing with each club. You must also factor in the speed of the greens and any potential hazards along the ground. If there is heavy rough between you and the flag, consider a standard pitch shot instead.

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