How do I put backspin on a golf ball?

Published 12/08/2008 13:05:50

The first time most golfers encounter backspin is watching a professional hit the green and have his ball pull back, almost like he was pulling it back with string. If you've played a spin shot in pool, you should already have an idea of how to apply backspin.

To set up and hit a backspin shot:

  • Your feet should be a bit closer together than normal
  • The ball should be a little closer to your back foot
  • The more loft on your club the better - a pitching or sand wedge should do the trick but you can apply more spin with any club.
  • Your swing plane should be much steeper and upright, to "chop" at the ball
  • Try to hit underneath the ball and take a long and shallow divot.
  • Keep your hands in front of the ball at impact



The Golf Ball

The ball you use does have an affect on how much it will spin. There are generally three types of ball available:

  • A low spin ball will roll further and help eliminate a hook or slice but won't grip the greens as much. These are generally used by less confident high handicap players.
  • A mid spin ball will spin a bit more but roll a bit less.
  • A high spin ball will get more carry and less roll. It gives the player a lot more control around the greens.

Which ball you select generally depends on what kind of golfer you are, where you are confident in your game and what your handicap is. Don't be afraid to experiement, golf is a game for life.



  • A clean contact is essential - make sure the grooves of the clubface are clear.
  • Concentrate on a crisp shot - any mis-hit will be exaggerated.
  • Make sure the ball is coming in high - the higher the ball, the greater the spin.
  • Practise practise practise - like the flop shot , don't attempt this one without a great deal of driving range time.
  • In the rough? You'll struggle to get a lot of spin on the ball.
  • How are the greens? Firmer greens make bouncing more likely, and reduce spin.

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