Back to Basics With the Golf Swing

Published 12/09/2013 11:44:12

Here's a common kind of complaint I receive as a golf pro:

"I practiced during my lunch break and no matter how well I do my grip, I still can't consistently square the club face, something in my backswing feels severely off and I can't figure it out."

The solution? Go back to basics

The golf swing is composed of a few key positions.

Setup - the base for any good swing happens here. The better you setup to the ball, the better chance you have for hitting a good golf shot. Keys are alignment, posture, ball position, grip.

Halfway back - How you turn back often has a big impact on what kind of position you are in at the top. Keys are turning with the body, staying on a good plane, proper wrist cock.

Top of the backswing - This is where all of your power is stored and if you are in a good position here, all that is left to do is release it all to the ball. Keys are keeping your connection (chest muscles to inside of arms), staying on plane, not going past parallel.

Impact - Obviously the position that matters the most on any golf shot. Keys are a square clubface, weight mostly on your forward foot, wrists firing through the ball. Ball first, then ground.

Find you a magazine or website with swing sequences of a golfer with a similar athletic build as yourself. Try to emulate the pro golfer's positions, then link them together.

What I'll often do with novice students is have them hit stiff-wristed chip shots, to get the feel of a square club face. Then I'll have them hit very short pitch shots, adding a wrist cock into the swing, while maintaining a stable base. This gets them turning back properly.

Then we'll move onto a short iron with a little longer swing, but the swing is still limited to where there is no weight shift. This encourages a good impact position.

Once they have mastered these positions, we'll add a weight shift. This is what golfers struggle with the most. If you can make a good weight shift during your swing, you can hit good golf shots. Odds are this is where your struggle is.


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