Align yourself properly

Published 10/07/2008 18:43:08

When aiming for your target, make sure you're aiming from where the ball is, and not where you are standing. The tendency can be to allow the eyes to trick us into a false path. If you aren't aiming properly, what hope has your shot got?

To help with this, try the following drill:

  • Place a club on the ground, pointing directly at the target. With your normal grip and stand, hold a second club waist high in front of you, making sure that the leading edge is pointing up towards 12 o'clock.
  • Without changing the angle of the face in any way, lower the club-head so that the leading edge forms a perfect right angle with the shaft you laid on the ground.
This may look odd at first, because you're not accustomed to seeing the correct angle of the ball. Try hitting a few balls and don't worry if it's difficult at first, you will soon readjust.



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