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bobby jones

Back to Basics With the Golf Swing

What happens when everything you change about you golf swing feels wrong and gets you nowhere? You go back to basics, that's what!

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bodybuilder golfing

Better to be 20 Yards Short than 80 Yards Wide

Golfers are always seeking to hit the ball further. How do the pros hit it so far? Two things: clubhead speed and good ball contact. Combining the two creates greater distance in your shots.

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david ogrin putting tips

The Chalk Line Putting Drill

This week's hot tip is provided by Texan Pro David Ogrin.Ogrin is a former Texas A&M star and served as the design consultant for the High Meadow Ranch Golf Club course in Magnolia, northwest of Houston. Dave believes putting is the area most overlooked by amateur players.

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ping rapture v2 driver

Use a more lofted driver

There are two types of spin that can be imparted to a golf ball -- backspin and sidespin. When the ball leaves the clubface, these spins compete against each other, and the strongest one wins.

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downhill lies drills

The Truth About Downhill Lies

Finding your ball on an extreme downhill lie doesn't have to translate to disaster on your scorecard. With a basic understanding of how to properly set up to these shots and with some practice, you can routinely hit good shots from this once-awkward position.

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tiger woods deep bunker shot

Greenside Bunker Tips

Greenside bunker shots are difficult because the clubhead must keep moving despite its contact with the sand.Follow these quick and easy tips to be a master around the greens.

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five finger grip snap

The Five Finger "Snap" for Distance When You Need It

To generate more arm, hand and clubhead speed on the way down, you can make this small change to your grip.

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Aim feet left, clubface right

Short Game Tips: Lob it Close

Split the 'V' on short wedge shots and lob it close to the pin

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Golf Grips

Get a Grip: The Ultimate Guide to Golf Grips

No Component Of Your Clubs Is More Important Than The One You Hold In Your Hands. Get a Grip and you might learn a thing or two about the one part of your club you take for granted.

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correct tee height for driver

What is the correct height to tee the ball?

When using a driver, a golfer needs to select one that is suited to his/her game. Using golf equipment that is not suited to your golf swing can restrict your playing ability. Read on for more tips on teeing it high and letting it fly.

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golf shot over alligator

Breaking 80 - As Easy As Playing Like A Little Old Man

There are many different ways to breaking 80, some easier than others. But, neither buying new clubs or hitting the ball over the fence at the range will be one of them.

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rory mcilroy best ball striker

Get a Consistent Ball Flight

Consistency is the number one goal of all players, from Tiger Woods to Jack Nicklaus.Distance, direction and trajectory are the key elements of ball flight, and golfers need to control all three to achieve consistency

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why do I slice the ball

Why do I keep slicing the ball?

The bane of the amateur golfer, a slice starts left of the target but quickly bends right a great deal. For this reason it is sometimes called a "banana shot". Read more to cure your slice

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possible flight paths for a golf ball

Why do I keep hooking the ball?

The hook is a common shot for golfers, the ball starts travelling to the right of the target but quickly hooks left. Try our tips to eliminate your hook shot.

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topped golf ball

Why do I keep topping the ball?

Topping is when you hit the ball at the wrong angle; the "top" of the ball, usually resulting in it skimming along the ground. This is a common mistake among beginners, read this tutorial to see where you're going wrong

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possible flight paths for a golf ball

How to fix your push shot

A push shot is one that goes to the right of the target and is usually the result of an out-to-in swing path. Read our diagnosis and tips to get rid of your push.

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how to hit a fade shot in golf

How to hit a fade shot

The fade is a shot which starts to the left of the target and moves right in flight back towards the target. It can come in handy for playing around obstacles.

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how to hit a draw shot in golf

How to hit a draw shot

The draw is a shot which starts to the right of the target and moves left in flight back towards the target. It can come in handy for playing around obstacles.

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punch shot golf trees

How to hit a punch shot

A punch shot is a low, running shot with less climb and less spin. Commonly used when obstacles or wind impede more lofted shots.

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delicate chip around the green

HOW TO: delicate chip around the green

A delicate chip around the green can be tough because the player fears hitting the shot too hard, or simply fluffs it. This guide should help you play delicate chips with confidence.

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bunker tips

How to play a standard bunker shot

Bunker shots in and around the green can be tricky for newbie golfers; it's a shot you must hit heavy and hard without fear. Read on to find out how.

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golf alignment drill

Align yourself properly

When aiming for your target, make sure you're aiming from where the ball is, and not where you are standing. This drill shows you how to align your golf swing properly.

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ball below feet golfer

HOW TO: ball below your feet

With this shot, the ball is further away from you than normal. This means sitting down to it and gripping a little further up the club shaft. You won't be able to make a full body turn and there is an increased potential of a sliced shot.

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ball above feet golfer

HOW TO: ball above your feet

This position means the ball is actually nearer to the player, much easier than when the golf ball is below your feet. This guide gives you tips on how to play the shot.

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john daly backswing

Keeping your drives consistent

The driver can be the most difficult club in the bag to keep consistent. Why is this? Well, it's the longest for one - making it more difficult to control. Also it's the lowest lofted club, meaning less air time and more difficult to control.

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hitting a high shot

Hitting high shots

Sometimes you need to get more air on the ball - to clear an obstacle or to enable more spin on the green. Read on to see how to get a higher trajectory and more spin.

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How do I hit a flop shot?

The flop shot is a high lob, hit with one of your most lofted clubs which spins a lot and goes high in the air. We show you how with this golf guide.

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long iron divot

Stop being afraid of your Long Irons

Long irons are still an important part of a complete golfer's game - despite the propensity of players to use hybrid clubs these days.

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tiger woods chip shot

The basic chip shot

The chip is a close relative of the putt, only the first part of the flight is in the air, the rest should run towards the flag. Players often chip when they have lost confidence in their pitching ability, but a good chip is just as useful in the right hands.

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backswing golf

Drive the ball further

The driver is one of the most difficult clubs to hit, because of its length and lower loft. With these tips you should be able to hit more consistently with the big stick:

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