Does an accidental graze on a practice swing incur a penalty?

Published 17/09/2013 06:13:00

The scenario

During my last round, I landed in the back of a greenside bunker. As I was taking a practice swing, I accidentally grazed the top of the ball with the sole of my club. Even though the ball didn't appear to move from the original resting place, should I have called a penalty on myself?

The ruling

No, you should not have called a penalty. Rule 18-2s covers you in this scenario. Your practice swing wasn't a "stroke" because you didn't intend to strike the ball. And because the contact was accidental and merely oscillated, there's no penalty if your ball had moved from its original lie, though, you would have been required to replace it and add one penalty stroke.

So in this case your conscience is clear.


1.  accidently move ball when on the green,is this a penalty

comment by tom - 24/08/2014 20:23

2.  Yes

comment by Doug - 31/01/2016 22:10

3.  ball crosses pond, hits bank on other side and rolls into the pond. Where is ball dropped--where it initially crossed the water or where it went in?

comment by tom - 31/08/2016 18:41

4.  Wher is LAST crossed the margin of the water hazard is the reference point. But the actual dropping point depends on the colour of the line/stakes and which relief option you are going to take.
Rule 26 tells you more

comment by Doug - 05/11/2018 09:41

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