Sandy Lyle blasts Colin Montgomerie over Ryder Cup captaincy

Published 14/07/2009 09:52:24

Former Open Champion Sandy Lyle has picked his moment to stir up tensions with European Ryder Cup captain Colin Montgomerie. In what will largely be seen as sour grapes for what he sees as missing his turn, Lyle chose to open old wounds and reference the "Jakartagate" scandal of 2005.


For the uninitiated, "Jakartagate" refers to an incident at the Indonesian Open in 2005 - a tournament in which Montogmery won in controversial circumstances. Video evidence appears to show Monty picking his ball up at the onset of a storm but placing it down in what can only be described as a more advantageous position when it had passed.


Whisperings in the locker rooms have rumbled on ever since but the players seemed to have regained confidence and trust in the 46-year old as their 15 strong committee convinced him to be European captain in 2010 (Monty actually wanted Lyle to captain the side).


Lyle is no strange to controversy himself - he walked out on The Open after just 9 holes last year due to "cold hands". When asked if this had affected his chances he replied:


"You would have to ask the committee that. But you've got Monty with his situation where he was dropping the ball badly overseas. And that is far worse than someone pulling out because he has got sore knuckles. It's a form of what [could be called] 'cheating'. If that was going to go against Monty you would think: 'Yeah, that's a case where he is breaking the rules'. There have been a few times where he has been called in to see the videos." 


"I'd had an annoying injury in my knuckles over the last two years. The swing was causing a jamming effect on my nerves and it got worse when I hit bad shots. Some of the caddies who had caddied for me over the last couple of years would testify I had been putting plasters on my hands to try to avoid the shock situation." 


Lyle has done himself no favours in acting with such little grace - although he cannot be blamed for feeling sore about being passed over. Each one of Britain's other major winners of the 80's has now captained the European team.


1.  for the ill informed,montgomerie didn't win in jakarta.

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