Lee Westwood's Twitter Meltdown

Published 12/08/2013 09:50:22

Lee Westwood has bitten back on Twitter after a disappointing final round 76 in the USPGA Championship at Oak Hill. Ever one to emphasis his working class roots and plain speaking nature, the clearly sozzled Westwood decided to take on the trolls and hit back.


Things start to go downhill:

@Louis_Evison: @WestwoodLee Will you just STFU and go and learn how to putt!!!”will you get a life first?


Getting on his soapbox:

Like I give a F..ck what the haters say! That's life ! Some people will always be just a little bit better and work just a little bit harder


Lee starts to bang his chest:

Oh yeah you're all quite now arnt you ! Come on ! Bring it on big boys! Yeah I thought not!


Playing into the trolls' hands:

@normy_kidd: @WestwoodLee you deserve all the stick you get after that last round of golf!”and I tried all the way. And you're a tw@t!


The irony is not lost on us for this tweet:

The standard of spelling on twitter is diabolical ! Even with predictive!


Here's a good clue as to what's prompted this tirade. We can't disagree with these sentiments:

@JBeckett23: @WestwoodLee Has someone hacked your account Lee.. drink doesn't solve anything!”oh it does! Plenty!


Westwood then laid down the smack on more trolls, had a pop at fellow Twitter lunatic Joey Barton before presumably rolling into bed to wonder how it went wrong again in a major championship.

Was his account hacked or had Westy just had a few pints of Pedigree? It's not for us to judge but I think an informed reader can come to his or her own decision.

Don't change, Westy.

UPDATE: Westwood has apologised for his rant - though many followers didn't feel he needed to

Sincere apologies to my sponsors and true followers for my earlier comments . It was out of order and out of character ,Westy .


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