Birkdale bans mobiles from golf event

Published 15/07/2008 11:45:26

Royal Birkdale has installed airport style security systems in an attempt to stop fans taking mobiles onto the golf course. Despite the lack of the "Tiger-factor" this year, organisers fear many fans will attempt to take phones in, which could potentially distract players.


8000 phones were confiscated at last year's Carnoustie event, with the operation being hailed as a success by many within golf's governing bodies.


Over 600 phones were confiscated at the gates yesterday, although these were all handed back later.


The problem of mobiles has been steadily growing, with many players complaining after Hoylake's staging in 2006.


The R & A's assistant director Johnnie Cole-Hamilton said: "The message we need to get across is that it's easier to leave your mobile at home."


"The spectator experience is very important to us and we don't want the ban to impact on queuing or the high level of service we offer our spectators."
Mr Cole-Hamilton was keen to stress anyone contravening these rules would have their equipment taken and placed within clear plastic bags for later collection. This practise has become commonplace for many large sporting events, such as the Grand National horse racing event held in nearby Aintree Racecourse.


He went on to say: "Most mobiles these days have a shutter noise for effect and many are very good cameras as well.


"If someone tries to bring in a phone, our security equipment will find it."
Fans may be issued with a validation pass to avoid being checked more than once. The R & A have attempted to allay fan's fears about congestion by insisting it will be handled in the most professional way possible.



1.  I glad you are concerned with the issue of mobile destruction of the players.

Another issue i can see with participants with their mobile phone during golf courses. This goes with, <a href="">famous golf courses</a> should have a point for golf courses without mobile phones in their policy!

comment by Bill Muller - 18/02/2015 08:05

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