A Marshall's guide to the Celtic Manor

Published 01/10/2010 14:36:19

Here's a short general guide to the Celtic Manor course, from a Marshall's perspective:


  • Despite it saying an 8" cube bag being allowed in, they are not that strict and some fellow Marshalls and I have brought in small rucksacks for the practice days
  • I brought a small fold up stool on the 1st and 2nd practice days, but was not allowed to on the 3rd. If you want to sit down, sit in the stand or bring an umbrella-come-chair. (Don't know why my stool was not allowed).
  • The 11th (green) grandstand is a great place to watch, with views of the 11th (of course), 9th and 12th.
  • The 10th green is a very atmospheric place on the course, similar to the 18th (without the stands) in the Wales Open. Its more or less a half bowl shaped, banked spectator area with a quick turn-the-neck-around to watch the 11th tee. The 'burger vans' are also nearby and also offer a good view.
  • By the clubhouse is a farmhouse, now a ruin. It sparked much controversy when Newport Council refused to demolish it. The 17th century part of it remains and the modern part is now gone, making it more pleasing to look at than before.
  • The river Usk may look unwelcoming at certain parts of the day, being the second largest tidal river in the world, but if a golfer hits a ball into the mud, there's no chance of getting it back
  • For some reason, the programme on its own is £10 and the spectator guide is £3. Put them together and you pay only £10, mind you Half of the stuff is the same, only with more features in the programme
  • Do not bring phones or cameras on match days, if its the same as the Usk (Marshall) car park, you'll have to give it in. Public telephones are available all over the course.(And they're free)
  • Stay away from Tiger Woods' caddy. I was on crowd control on the ninth green and he..ahem..made a loud noise from behind.
  • Try not to get on the wrong buses, just to confirm, East is Llanwern , West is for Tredegar park and North is for the Usk showground, the staff car park.
  • Don't be tempted by the Capital, come to Newport. We wasted money on putting Dragons up for you, at least come and see them.

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1.  Why do you say the dragons were a waste of money?

comment by Mike - 03/10/2010 22:35

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