Woods recovery: "lost 10lbs of muscle already"

Published 12/08/2008 23:14:18


Tiger Woods opted for knee surgery after playing through the pain barrier at the year's US Open and has stated: "As far as swinging a club, that's not going to happen until next year, I just don't have a choice."


Woods is probably the fittest golfer on the tour and his exercise routine has already been featured in Mens Health magazine. What may startle some is Woods' admission that he's lost weight so rapidly:

"Initially I lost about 10 pounds because I wasn't working out, all of that was muscle. I've put about two pounds back on but I'm still pretty light.

"I'm eating mostly raw and organic foods that provide the most nutrients."


In terms of the comeback trail, Woods is cautiously optimistic about his knee surgery: "I don't know what the doctors are going to tell me about playing golf down the road.

"I'm taking it day-to-day, week-to-week. All I'm doing every day is looking forward to my next day."


Professional Opinion


Dr Jim Bradley, an expert on knee surgery, told Golf World: "In football, we say we get a guy back from ACL reconstruction in six months, but in fact, they're really not right until they go through a full season. It's almost a year's time before they're back where they were beforehand".


Woods hasn't yet set a comeback date, but did state "I will hit golf balls next year" .



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