Why you aren't a pro golfer

Published 12/07/2009 21:30:23

If you're reading this article then you probably play, and love, golf. And if you're anything like us, then you've probably harboured ambitions of turning pro and making shedloads of money. However, some of us find it difficult to assess our own weaknesses and get a bit of levity on things. Fear not - we can do the hard job for you. Here's why you aren't a pro golfer.


You can't put a good round together


So you can drive 300 yards +, stick it within 3 feet with your 9-iron and read greens like the TV guide. But do you? Really? Probably not - otherwise you'd be shooting 69 and not 79.

There's no magic formula - you've got the tools but you're not using them properly.


You don't know how far you hit the ball


Knowing how many shots you can get up and down in is a skill you learn when you know how far you generally hit it. Most amateurs underhit the ball - they don't take enough club because they either think they can hit it further than they can or they don't take the wind or course into account.


Your short game is unpredictable


It's a fact that the short lofted clubs are the ones you'll be using the most. And if you haven't got great feel, you'll spend a lot of time hitting through greens or fluffing it in the fringe. Look at Phil Mickelson - his short game is incredible, he very rarely misjudges a shot. Can you say you know your sand wedge inside out? Back to the driving range with you, padawan...

You don't make the short putts


Mental strength - Tiger's got, Padraig's got it too. Have you? Probably not. You blow the short ones because you're letting your mind run away. Stop being negative


You just don't play enough


Cold, cruel fact. To go pro you're going to have to be playing a lot - three times or more a week minimum, ideally five or more. Of course, once you get your skills then you can maybe back off a bit


You're stuck in bad habits


The real hammer blow to your dreams. How long have you been average? If you've been playing regularly for more than a few years then you've probably passed the point of no return. Sure, you could get good but you'll never be really good. Of course we're talking about older players here too - Tiger started when he was less than a year old!

I would love to be proved wrong on this


You're too old


Sorry, pops. Older than 30? Gonna' be tough. 40 or more? Forget about it. It gets harder to pick up new skills as we get older


You don't drive it as far as you think you do


Ask any high handicap golfer under the age of 60 how far he drives the ball and chances are the answer will be 250 yards. Do you really? Honestly?

The fact is most guys not only lie about how far they hit the ball, they simply just don't know too. Well not being able to hit far is ok - so long as you can hit it 200-250 when you need to, but not knowing how far you hit it will leave you in all kinds of trouble.

Get down the range and be honest with yourself.


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