Which golf balls should I use?

Published 10/10/2008 21:37:03

At the higher ends of golf, minimal changes to equipment can strip shots off a player's game. One or two shots for a Tour Professional can mean the difference between a million dollar win, or a tie for seventh place. This is why millions is invested by golf ball manufacturers in finding the next "big thing" in ball technology. But what about the higher handicap player? No matter what your skill level, we aim to help you pick the right golf ball for your game.


Factors in choosing a golf ball


Important factors to consider are:

  • Spin vs Distance: a distance ball will travel further off the tee, and in general. These balls will feel harder and offer less spin so won't have as much staying power on the green. High spin balls tend to travel less but offer great spin meaning shots stick to the greens better.
  • Durability: more expensive balls tend to prove less durable because of their softer cover which allows for more spin. Take this into account when buying more expensive balls. Cheaper or even medium priced balls tend to last longer but offer less spin because their cover is harder.
  • Flight trajectory: this generally means the height a ball will fly. Some balls are designed to fly higher or lower than standard. Take care to note the playing conditions of your course to take full advantage of this. If in doubt, play it safe and go for a standard ball.
  • Price: don't go for expensive balls just to show off, or to fool yourself it will help your game significantly. It's like gambling, don't use what you can't afford to lose. Higher handicap Sunday player? Consider using lake balls for rounds. Playing in a competition? Maybe spend a bit more if you feel it will be beneficial. 
  • Your skill level: higher handicap players should go for a lower spin, greater distance ball. Why? Well at this skill level, your main concern is playing a straight shot, high spin shots are probably a little out of your remit at this point. Low handicap? You probably already know your game well enough to know what kind of ball you want. That leaves an awfully big group of "average" golfers in the middle. You guys probably want an average ball, use a higher distance if you feel you're lacking or a higher spin if you feel your short game is letting you down.


Technical Specs

Want more info? There are lots of stats about golf balls which manufacturers love to bewilder customers with.

  • Two-piece ball: known as a distance ball, this one encourages topspin and less spin than other balls. Commonly used by beginner players but these balls are improving all the time.
  • Three-piece ball: this ball comprises of a urethane cover, a thin middle layer and a rubber core. These are a good middle level ball, encouraging extra spin. Players with medium to fast clubhead speeds should use these.
  • Four-piece ball: same as a three-piece but with an extra mantle layer. These are the most difficult balls to control, only recommended for those with a high clubhead speed.
  • Cover: outer surface of ball, usually made from urethane
  • Dimples: markings on the surface that help with aerodynamics and dictate the flight of the golf ball
  • Core: usually made of rubber, this comprises the majority of the ball, dictating distance.
  • Control: high control balls tend to remove sidespin - the evil thing that causes hooks or slices. Just remember it won't magically fix your game.
  • Ball compression: this tells you how hard or soft the golf ball is. A ball of compression 70 would be softer than one of 110. A higher compression doesn't necessarily lead to a longer distance.
  • Weather conditions: balls will travel further in dry, sunny conditions than in wet, overcast ones. Simple air resistance. Also take wind into account.

Golf is a game of trial and error - but don't make costly mistakes shelling out for equipment the professionals use. Experiment with the different balls that fit into your price range.


Remember: as your skill level increases, your requirements will change. Don't think it's the ball doing the work - you are in control at all times.


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