What do golfers spend their money on?

Published 18/08/2008 10:02:21

We know golfers are amongst the richest sportsmen on earth; Tiger Woods is the top ranking athlete and on track to be a billionaire , Greg Norman is the richest sportsman in Australia. Even six time major winner Nick Faldo was the top earning UK sportsman back when he was on top.


Of course it wasn't always this way - the prize for winning the original Open tournment was a rather fetching belt. Nowadays even average tour professionals get six figure deals for anything from golf shoes to the logo on their chest.


So if it's not equipment, how do these rich boys spend their money?


Tiger Woods


Where else could we start? The man who (allegedly) sold his soul to Nike has more cash than he'll ever be able to spend. Here's some of the great man's assets:

John Daly

john daly and wife

Now here's our kind of golfer; Daly's talent for lashing the ball massive distances is only surpassed by that for frittering his money away. So what do the big guy do with his?


  • Gambling -  Daly estimates "between $50 and $60 million" as the figure which he has flushed down the drain gambling. But I bet he enjoyed it more than Tiger, right? Right??
  • Women - 4 wives and counting. That's gotta' sting, I bet every one of those women has left their mark on the Daly bank account.
  • Drink - he enjoys the odd tipple, costing him an estimated $3million in a sponsorship deal 

"I gambled, had a few pops and had a great time."


Greg Norman


The Great White Shark as he's known as amassed a Bloody Great Fortune thanks to his business interests which are numerous, and yet too mundane to mention. We're only hear for the money Greg.


Norman and Daly share one thing - the women of their lives have cost them money. Not content with a $107 million settlement, ex-wife Laura Andrassy wanted a slice of Norman's wedding money. Not to be sniffed at - it's believed the amount Norman and former tennis star Chis Evert received was a seven figure sum.


Can't live without 'em


Women seem to be a common theme, you'd think golfers would learn:



The message is clear to any up and coming young golfers out there - stay single.


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