US Open: Tiger taunted by drunks

Published 22/06/2009 14:52:39

Tiger Woods had more than the usual water hazards to deal with at the US Open yesterday, sections of the crowd appeared to heckle players as they hit their shots on the Bethpage course. This year's US Open has been a strange affair, with awkward tee-off times thanks to buckets of rain and a schedule so tight many players have lost their normal rhythm and poise.


"We're on Long Island baby, where men are men!" one spectator shouted. "Put that umbrella down!"


The heckling, though none too severe by the standards of other sports, is quite unprecedented in golfing circles, with many spectators walking away in disgust from what they see as a befoulment of the gentlemanly conduct usually found on the golf course.


Woods, always an intense figure, appeared undaunted by the mostly good natured chatter of the crowd. Instead, the 14-time major winner and defending champion put his fingers on his lips and gestured for the crowd to be quiet as he prepared to start his third round from the 10th tee.


Woods was good natured about the whole affair: "They had a little bit to sip, I think, they had plenty of time in that rain delay, and I think they took full advantage of it."


Woods may be less good natured about his performance on the course - at the start of the fourth round he was some 7 shots back from leaders Ricky Barnes and Lucas Glover.


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