Ugly Putters

Published 08/10/2008 13:58:48

There is no doubt that there have been massive advances in golfing technology over the years and golfers of all skill levels have felt the benefit.  However, here at IntoTheRough we can't help but feel that the aesthetics box is often left un-ticked by club designers when it comes to putters. We decided to check out the latest putter designs that are sure to raise a few eyebrows across the greens of the golfing world... 


Odyssey Golf White Hot XG Sabertooth Putter 


No it isn't Batman's weapon of choice to tackle the greens of the land, this aesthetically challenged monstrosity is the "sabertooth putter" from Odyssey, and it certainly is - odd!  Featuring two horn like prongs, you could be mistaken for thinking this sinister looking contraption is used to brand cows.   


Rough Rating - 4/5 


Rife 2 Bar Hybrid Putter

Rife 2 Bar Hybrid Putter

Oh dear. Don't worry this putter is not powered by two jet engines like the Rocketeer, as it appears at first glance, it's the lateset in innovative design of course. Looks like a good place to store your tees or torpedo sweeties, that's about it. Munter. 


Rough Rating - 3/5 

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Taylor Made Rossa Spider Putter

Taylor Made Rossa Spider Putter

Why? A putter only the proverbial mother could love and possibly pleasing on the eye only to those amongst you without heads. If John Merrick was a golf club you would be looking at him. Nearly makes some of the women in Australian soap ‘Prisoner Cell Block H' look attractive.... Nearly! 



Rough Rating - 5/5 










Nike Unitized Techno Putter

Nike Unitized Techno Putter

If the name alone wasn't enough to put you off this runt, then certainly opening your eyes will, what a shocker. Looks like some sort of specialist kitchen utensil gone wrong. Your mother would not approve. 


Rough Rating - 3/5


1.  Ugly as hell but I saw Sergio Garcia using the Spider this year - with his putting record I'd steer clear!

comment by Mersey Golfer - 10/10/2008 22:08

2.  Great find. I've been looking for an article just like this! I can't believe people get caught up in all this design hype with some of these goofy looking putters. How bout something made for results and looks good:

comment by Mike - 25/08/2009 01:59

3.  woops, its

comment by mike - 25/08/2009 01:59

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