Turn your body for a more powerful swing

Published 02/04/2010 08:28:39

The golf swing is a dynamic movement that requires a full upper-body turn and an effective weight shift. Think of these movements as the engine room of your swing; they are responsible for much of the clubhead speed that you deliver through impact.

Mastering these techniques is vital to the success of your long game. This guide reveals how to use your body to advantage, and it highlights the most common mistakes and cures.


Shifting your weight

Your body weight can be a effective tool, adding power to your golf swing but only if used correctly. As you take the club away at the start of the backswing, gradually move the majority of your weight on to your right side.

At the top of the backswing, your chin should be directly over your right foot. Do not be afraid to allow your head to move laterally during the swing, to trigger an effective weight shift.


The coil

Generating enough clubhead speed to deliver a strong ball flight depends on how well you employ your core muscles during the swing. The resistance between your upper and lower body at the top of your backswing adds force to your downswing.

In the ideal position, your back should point directly at the target. As your hips are unable to turn quite so far, you will generate resistance between your upper and lower body. To promote a powerful turn, concentrate on rotating your upper body until it faces the target.


Driving through

Having set your weight on to your right side at the top of the backswing, it is time to drive powerfully towards your left side through impact.

In the finish position, your chin should be over your left too. This is evidence of an effective weight shift on to your left side and a committed swing.


Stepping drill

Driving your weight towards the target as you hit the ball is a crucial movement that many players struggle to master, because it requires an unwavering trust in the loft of the club to get the ball airborne. The following drill will help you commit this movement to memory.

  • Place your feet together and make a soft, three-quarter swing.
  • As you drive through the downswing, allow your left foot to step towards the target.
  • This forces you to move your weight towards the target, into the shot.
  • When you see just how the loft of the club works to get the ball airborne, you should be convince that you do not need to use your body to help


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