Top golfing moments of 2008

Published 07/01/2009 09:56:32

2008 might have been the year the mortgages dried up and our economies went to dust, but it was a great year for golf. We had unexpected champions, heroic victories and terrible outfits.

1. Tiger's win on one leg

Undoubtedly one of his finest victories, the injured Woods showed real guts and determination in a sport which usually is dominated by cold and clinical players. He pulled this victory deep from the tank without anyone knowing just how bad the injury was.

2. Harrington's duel with Sergio Garcia at the PGA

Harrington has had a massively impressive couple of years, winning 3 majors in the process. His duel with Garcia at the PGA championship was unexpected - the talk before the tournament was of poor European performances in the event. You couldn't help but feel Sergio bottled this one though.

3. Harrington's majestic performance at The Open

If Sergio "bottled" the PGA, Harrington dominated the Open. His putting was rock-solid, his temperament steady and some of his shots sublime. This seemingly effortless victory was characterised by a 250 yard 5-wood in the wind that finished a few feet from the hole. This was the confidence of a champion.

4. US dominance of the Ryder Cup

Many pundits predicted another European victory; given their depth of quality, no Tiger Woods and recent performances, it wasn't a tough call to make. However the Americans had other ideas. Playing on home turf in front of a vociferous crowd really galvanised the USA team to a memorable performance. They never looked like losing and the match was tied up with a few singles matches to go - Faldo's gamble hadn't come off.

5. Greg Norman's brief step back into the limelight

A modern great, old Greg is, somewhat unfairly, known as one of the biggest chokers of all time. So few expected Norman to win with a full day left to play, but we enjoyed the ride.

6. Boo Weekley's yellow bus trip

Weekley's antics may have riled some, but it took the pressure off other players on the team and helped get the crowd behind the USA team. They went on to secure a relatively straightforward victory.


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