Tiger prepares to enter battle

Published 17/09/2010 11:47:13

He is a man who has divided opinion amongst his own fans as to whether he is even worthy of a place in Team USA for the upcoming Ryder Cup and a golfer who also holds a mediocre at best record to date in the competition (picking up a measly 11 out of 25 points he could have earned in previous tournaments).


However, after being denied the opportunity to ‘enjoy' an extended break from the golfing world (something he may have enjoyed after missing out on the USPGA finale at Atlanta) following a wildcard pick sent in his direction from Corey Pavin, Woods is now destined to take part in this year's Ryder Cup.


With Tiger holding a very poor record with regards to being on the victorious side at previous Ryder Cup competitions, and with Team USA having won the 2008 Ryder Cup without the help of the then in-form Tiger, it is highly questionable as to why captain Corey Pavin has deemed it the correct call to include in his team the golfer whose private life is rarely out of the press.


However, with Tiger having endured a trying year that has largely been spent fighting to save his marriage, battling accusations from the press, and combating false rumours whilst trying to reverse the terrible form he's been showing, he may turn out to be just the man to help Team USA overcome the current golf odds and defeat a European side boasting several in-form individuals and portraying an enviable air of confidence that is becoming of an outfit widely expected to win back the Cup lost on American soil a couple of years ago.


If Tiger is able to step up to the plate and lead his team in their fight against the Ryder Cup Odds this year, he may well help to put to bed some of the stinging criticism that still surrounds him.


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