The winning golf clubs used by Tiger Woods

Published 08/06/2009 21:21:52

What golf clubs do the best golfers use? Tiger Woods is the best out there - having won two tournaments in only seven starts this season. TIger is hot favourite for the upcoming 2009 US Open after his victory at Jack Nicklaus' Memorial tournament.


Tiger hit 87% of fairways so something must have gone right - Woods is slowly getting back to his best after a well-publicised knee injury.

Woods has switched to a driver with a higher loft (10 degrees) and has sacrificed a little distance for accuracy.


What golf clubs does Tiger Woods use?


Driver: Nike SQ Dymo (10°) with a Mitsubishi Diamana White Board 83x shaft
Woods: Nike SasQuatch Sumo (15°, 19°) with Mitsubishi Diamana Blue Board 103g shafts
Irons: Nike Forged Blades (3-PW) with True Temper Dynamic Gold X100 shafts
Nike Victory Red (56°), SV (60°) with True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 shafts
Putter: Titleist by Scotty Cameron Newport 2
Ball: Nike One Tour 


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