The Short Game 30/03/10

Published 30/03/2010 07:03:45

Welcome back to The Short Game, our regular series of funny and interesting news from the last seven days of golfing glory (holes).

This week:


EASY, EASY: Ernie wins for the second time in three weeks at the rain-delayed Arnold Palmer invitational. Ernie is a popular golfer so it's always good news for a large group of golf fans when he wins. Read more


OOSTHUIZEN A GOOD BOY THEN?: Oh man, that was the worst pun yet. Louis Oosthuizen won his first European Tour event with a three-stroke victory at the Andalucia Open in Malaga. Let's hope he never wins again or I'm out of a job. Read more


MONTY TARGETS VICTORY, CHIMP FLIES INTO SPACE: Sorry Monty, but we've got more faith in a bonobo piloting a mission to the moons of Saturn than you winning a tournament. Best of luck though. Read more


ARNIE'S ADVICE: Don't let the bastards grind you down. Or words to that effect. Arnold Palmer advises Woods to let the media have their shots and get bored. Read more


WE'RE ALL SICK OF TIGER: But none more than Ernie Els who is sick of being asked about Woods rather than about his own good form recently. I think a cage fight would sort this. Read more 


WELSH WONDERKID TIPPED TO BE NEXT WOOSNAM: Short, fat and aggressive? Hell yeah, just what the Tour needs. Read more


That's it for this week folks, come back next week for pithy puns and rampant slander.


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