The Short Game 23/03/10

Published 23/03/2010 08:09:21

Welcome back to The Short Game, our regular series of funny and interesting news in the last seven days of golfing action.

This week:


BIG EASY BACK ON FORM: Good article on Ernie's return to winning ways. More surprise winners later on. Read full article.


LET THERE BE TIGER: Everyone's happy the big man is coming back for The Masters. Well I certainly am - means something to write about. Do you want Tiger "Shagger of the century" Woods or Ian "Crazy Hair/Coffee Breath" Poulter? Damn right.


OLLIE OUT: Spanish legend Jose Maria Olazabal pulls out of The Masters . Probably running scared of Tiger (actually it's due to health problems - Ed).


TERRIFIC TIGER: Even the president's got an opinion of Shagger Woods, calling him "a terrific golfer" despite his transgressions. We love that word, and will continue to use it as long as Woods is golf.


NEXT BIG THING?: Welshman Rhys Davis is the latest to wear the tag after bagging his first ever win on the European Tour at the Hassan II Trophy in Morocco. Is his shaft as stiff as Tiger's?


FURYK'S ON FIRE: Big Jim wins first event since 2007 at the Transitions championship. No-one was really watching because they were all too busy worrying about...


TIGER'S DONE BAD THINGS: Oh tell us one we didn't know, Shagger. Tiger spilled his guts in a ridiculous five-minute interview with ESPN writer Tom RInaldi. Some highlights:

"I've done some pretty bad things in my life" 

"I was living a life of a lie, I really was. And I was doing a lot of things, like I said, that hurt a lot of people. And stripping away denial and rationalization you start coming to the truth of who you really are and that can be very ugly."

"I hurt a lot of people, not just my wife," he told Rinaldi on Sunday. "My friends, my colleagues, the public, kids who looked up to me. There were a lot of people that thought I was a different person and my actions were not according to that. That's why I had to apologize. I was so sorry for what I had done."

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That's it for this week folks, come back next week for pithy puns and rampant slander.


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