The Short Game 09/03/10

Published 09/03/2010 09:07:07

Welcome back to The Short Game - our irreverent, and downright libellous, look at the week in golf. This week: white sticks, Jack's tips and a fat man on the rampage.


VILLEGAS STORMS TO HONDA CLASSIC: "How does it feel to be second best? "  one fan asked. Someone has to be while the Tiger is away.



SERIAL SHAGGER'S SEVERAL CELLS: Mark Calcavecchia says Tiger changed his cell at least five times last year. Now it all makes sense...



TIGER TURNS PADDY DOWN: Irish bookmakers Paddy Power offer Tiger $75 million sponsorship offer , Woods turns it down.



(GASTRIC) BAND ON THE RUN: Former-fatty John Daly rampages on Twitter, calls his followers to arms over publishing of his PGA-tour transgressions (word of the year, that). The Tweets were removed quickly, but we got them anyway .



JACK TIPS TIGER FOR MASTERS: Golf's best ever player tips its best ever ____ to return in time for the US Masters . Please let this be true - we need something to write about!



TIGER'S CADDIE DENIES ALL KNOWLEDGE: At least if Tiger breaks all his clubs, he can borrow Steve Williams' white stick , eh?



JIM NANTZ SAYS TIGER ISN'T BIGGER THAN GAME: Game says "Who the f**k is Jim nantz?". Story.


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