The Short Game 02/03/10

Published 02/03/2010 17:50:13

Welcome back to The Short Game - our look at what's going on in the world of golf over the past seven days. This week we have Tiger, Tiger burning bright, losing sponsors left and right.


TIGER ON COMEBACK TRAIL: News has leaked that Tiger is out of therapy and practising "in earnest". Please come back soon, a golf writer's job is hard enough without the biggest draw leaving too.


THE HUNTED: Stupidly named American Hunter Mahan snatches Phoenix Open from ex Liverpool FC striker Robbie Fowler's brother, Rickie. And is "Waste Management" perhaps the worst sponsor name of all time? All I could think of was Tony Soprano the whole time.


TIGER OUT OF JUICE: Gatorade are the latest sponsors to drop Tiger Woods . Whatever happened to "any publicity is good publicity"? What kind of image do Gatorade have? I always thought only fat American WoW players drank it anyway.


MIYAZOTO ON A HAT-TRICK: Woman wins two consecutive golf events , world pretends to care. Waits patiently for better looking woman to win instead.


DALY WAS FINED OVER 100K: IntoTheRough hero John Daly was fined over 100k by the PGA for "failure to give best efforts". I hate this game. 


LAND OF THE RISING BUN(s): Iain Carter blogs on how Asian women dominate the LPGA and could be coming for the men's game too.


Until next week, keep giving it your best - or face the consequences.  


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