Power vs Putting in the PGA

Published 26/07/2013 14:29:50

Power is a huge part of golf - John Daly, Tiger Woods, Bubba Watson are some of the big hitters who have huge followings thanks to their cavalier style. Who doesn't want to hit it big? But does hitting big really work? Do hot putters do better?

Drives for show, putts for dough?

Taking the 2012 PGA Tour stats, here's what we found:

  • Out of the top 30 long hitters, only 4 did not feature in the top 125 players on the money list (the cut for an exemption to get your Tour card for the next year).
  • 87% of the top 30 drivers made the top 125
  • 47 of the top 60 (78%) drivers made the top 125
  • Out of the top 30 putting average professionals, 8 did not feature in the top 125.
  • 73% of the top 30 putters made the top 125
  • 42 of the top 60 (70%) putters made the top 125

There's clearly not just an element of show behind the long drives then when we look at these numbers. Although the importance of good putting can't be overestimated, it's clear a big hit takes the pressure off when the really top tournaments are in play.


PGA Tour Money Leaders 2012

PGA Tour Putting Average 2012

PGA Tour Driving Distance 2012



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