The Phone Booth Swing

Published 13/09/2010 08:21:24

Players who are good at keeping their shots in play usually have neat, compact swings free of excess motion. These golfers look as if they could tee it up in a phone booth. If you are plagued by control problems, try stealing a few secrets from the compact swing.


Stance: Not Too Wide

Players who take a big rip at the ball often set up with their feet very wide apart, which allows them to swing hard without losing balance. Your feet should be no wider apart for the driver than just outside shoulder-width. If you can't maintain balance with the feet in this position, either you're swinging too hard or your weight distribution at address is poor. (Weight should be evenly divided between the left and right foot and balanced on the balls of the feet.)

Back: Right Elbow In


To get into a compact position at the top, keep your right elbow close to your side on the backswing. An old trick is to tuck a handkerchief under your right armpit during the backswing; if your elbow moves too far from your side, the handkerchief falls free before the downswing starts.


Top: Weight inside Right

Most long hitters make a good weight shift, but even this is easily overdone. Sliding your weight to the outside of the right foot at the top may feel powerful, but it leads to a sway and poor impact. Your weight should move onto the inside of the right foot, not the outside.


Down: Left Elbow In

On the downswing, keep the left elbow close to your left side, which keeps the club moving on the proper inside-to-square downswing path. Allowing the left elbow to separate freely from your side usually results in an outside-in downswing and a pull or slice.

If you make all the right moves, your arms will feel slightly restricted and your swing shorter.


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